Tips for Maternity Photo shoots - 2013-10-02

In this Newsletter we’re going to Focus on Tips for Great Maternity Photos. Here’s a few Tips and things to keep in mind to make the photo shoot as comfortable and the photos as memorable as can be.. Timing:  The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is when the belly is large, typically in months 7 and 8. Avoid Mo... more

Wedding Date Availability for Voucher Deals? - 2013-08-14

Don't want to buy Voucher before you sure we can accomodate you on Your Special day? Here's various ways how to check availability of photographer: Send e-mail to Phone and ask: 0824167461 Submit 'Date Availability Request' on StudioU Home page Go to 'Coupon Appointments' on StudioU Home ... more

What to Wear for Photo shoot? - 2013-08-02

What should I /we wear? Wear your favourite clothes, something you look good in. Solid colours work better than busy patterns and stripes. Keep in mind that patterns ect that is fashionable now, might date soon, and your photos are forever. Bring some clothing changes along for different looks. Blue jeans and chino's work well for photos, a... more

What to wear for Beach Photo shoot? - 2013-08-02

Suggestions on What to wear for beach photo shoot A laid-back casual look is probably the best way to go.  If you choose to coordinate  clothing choices for their location portraits, you can go with identical colours , or better yet, simply color coordinate the group. Popular color choices include either white or pastel tops with khaki... more

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