Tips for Maternity Photo shoots

In this Newsletter we’re going to Focus on Tips for Great Maternity Photos.

Here’s a few Tips and things to keep in mind to make the photo shoot as comfortable and the photos as memorable as can be..

  1. Timing:  The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is when the belly is large, typically in months 7 and 8. Avoid Month 9 in case the baby decide to make an early appearance. First-time mother, you could more comfortably choose a date in Month 8. Woman who has already had a child, be safe and go with Month 7. Pregnant women also still feel at their best in month 7 and 8, there after you deal with water retention, hormonal skin issues, or just not fitting into any of the “cute” maternity outfits!


  1. Location: First, decide on a location that the mother-to-be feels most comfortable in. Some prefer the comfort and privacy of her own home. Some prefer a studio for a more formal vibe. And some are open to doing the photo shoot outdoors..  Sunset Maternity silhouette shots are Great!


  1. Bring props! They help tell a story and can add a lot of visual interest to your pictures. Some fun prop ideas include: Baby on Board  car window sign, chalkboard, baby clothes/hats/shoes, toys, rattles, baby blocks, wooden letters, ribbons, balloons, ultrasounds, baby bottles, and baby blankets.  


  1. Keep prints small.  You want the focus on your beautiful face and your husband and/or children’s faces. And these photos are forever Prints that’s in fashion this season might not be so fashionable in few years. To help combat this, have your husband take photos on your phone of you in each outfit choice.  This will help weed out the overbearing print options once you see them in a photo.

5.   Above all….dress for your personality.  Wear something that YOU love and YOU feel great in.  End of story.

6.  Lastly, Relax and Enjoy.



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